Police shut down car sliding sideshow on San Francisco bridge

Police shut down illegal drifting show on San Francisco's Bay Bridge

There are some doughnuts American cops don't like

TWO CARS have been impounded by police in California after being caught doing drifts and doughnuts on a bridge in San Francisco.

According to the Golden Gate division of the California Highway Patrol, law enforcement officers arrived at the scene after 10:45am local time on August 19, after being tipped off about an illegal car event on the Bay Bridge.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers encountered three cars doing doughnuts across the width of the Bay Bridge’s lanes. The display had brought all traffic across the bridge to a standstill.

A driver of a Ford Mustang in particular attracted the cops’ ire the most. The individual was taken into custody and will have his car impounded until September 18.

Police confiscated another car that was being driven by an unlicensed driver, while others suspected of being involved were stopped on mechanical violation grounds as they made their way off the bridge.

Credit: California Highway Patrol