News: “Very Important Freshers” can arrive at uni in McLaren P1 for £18,000

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McLaren P1

FRESH-FACED university and college students who want to make a splash on their arrival in fresher’s week are being offered the chance to arrive in a chauffeur-driven  luxury car.

Called Very Important Fresher, the new service is provided by Uni Baggage, a company that ships students’ belongings to their digs or halls of residence during the first week of term.

Students can choose from a selection of luxury and high-performance cars including a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a McLaren P1, a Ferrari F430 and an Aston Martin. Prices for the day-long car hire, which includes separate shipment of the student’s belongings, start at £15,000 and rise to £18,000 for a P1.

Meanwhile, those who want to impress (or antagonise) their new college-mates further still, can arrive by helicopter (£20,000) or, assuming the campus has a runway, private jet (cost: £25,000).

Uni Baggage says its wealthier students had asked if the company could deliver not only their baggage to college or university, but themselves, too. Enough of them had suggested arriving by Rolls-Royce Phantom for it to offer the model among its selection of luxury cars. Since launching today, Monday, it claimed to have taken two serious enquiries for the model.

“The students tend to be from America, China and the Middle East,” said Paul Stewart, co-founder of Uni Baggage.  “Some want to make a big entrance but for most, it’s just what they’re used to.”

Stewart said the company expected between 20 and 30 students to use the service this term, compared with the 10,000 students whose belongings it will deliver.


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