News: The AeroMobil flying car moves closer to runway

Mirror, signal, take-off


IS THIS the ultimate jam-buster? Instead of sitting in tiresome queues, just fly over them. A new version of the AeroMobil flying car is set to be unveiled this week.

When in car mode the AeroMobil 3.0 is designed to fit into a normal parking space, as the wings fold into the passenger seat located behind the driver. When the wings are deployed, the aircraft is capable of flying 430 miles on a single tank of standard unleaded. It has a top speed of 100mph on land and 124mph in the air. The AeroMobil 2.5, its predecessor, made its first flight last year; the updated version has undergone design tweaks to strengthen its body and improve its aerodynamics and is undergoing test flights in Slovakia, where the company is based.

Headed by Stefan Klein, an engineer who has previously worked with the car makers Audi, Volkswagen and BMW, AeroMobil is in a two-horse race with the American company Terrafugia to become the first to bring a flying car to market.



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