News: Russian student auctions her Swarovski Mercedes on eBay

Diamonds are a dog's best friend

ebay listing

IT’S AN eBay listing designed to catch the eye, and not only because the car’s starting price is £89,999 – the vehicle is covered in one million Swarovski crystals, too.

Just two weeks after spending £20,000 having her Mercedes CLS 350 CDI covered with the tiny jewels, Russian business student Daria Radionova, who lives in London, is selling it – for charity.

Radionova said she had the car covered in Swarovski crystals as a 21st birthday present to herself. She claimed it took a team of Russian craftsmen two months to apply them to every part of the car’s body, including the Mercedes badge and the door handles.

“I wanted to have something unique,” she said. “Everywhere I go, people stop to have a look at it.”

But having had her fun, Radionova, who juggles her studies with running a business selling luxury clothes, is fulfilling a promise she made two weeks ago when the car was first revealed – to auction it for charity.

She has chosen to give part of the sale proceeds to the Manchester Dogs Home, which burned down last month, and the rest to a charity in Moldova that also helps dogs.

“I saw the story about the Manchester Dogs Home. I love cats and dogs and I want to help.”

Radionova said 2,000 people had seen her listing.

“I’m not sure how much it will make. I’ve had a few offers, so we’ll see.”