News: Button and Alonso to put stamp on NSX, says Honda

Following in Senna's footsteps

Jenson Button and Fernado Alonso 2015 Honda NSX development

JENSON BUTTON and Fernando Alonso are to have a say in the development of the Honda NSX before it goes into production at the end of this year.

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The McLaren Honda F1 drivers will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of Ayrton Senna: the late Brazilian F1 supremo had a role in setting up the original NSX, which was launched in 1990.

Honda’s hybrid supercar is being shown at the 2015 Geneva motor show. The design has been finalised but engineers are still working on the chassis settings.

“It is not too late [for Button and Alonso to be involved],” said Ted Klaus, head of the new NSX development team. “We could not get access to these folks before, but development is still going on. I am very open to getting input from outside.”

2015 Honda NSX rear 3 quarters

Klaus and his team used supercars including the Audi R8, Porsche 911 and Ferrari 458 Italia as benchmarks during the new NSX’s development. He said that the car will feel as sporty as the Ferrari when the owner wants it to, but as easy to drive as a Honda Jazz in town.

“We could not get access to these folks before, but development is still going on”

“Much like the original NSX, our intention is for the car to be accessible and to build the driver’s confidence. The Ferrari is on [sporty] all the time. Our machine can be on when the driver demands it, and then it can be off and quiet so you can drive it daily. The difference between it and a Jazz is you can go and find your favourite winding road and have fun.”

Jenson Button Honda NSX

Klaus said that the first production NSX cars would be made at the end of the year. Customers in North America will get the first cars before European models are produced next year. So far there are 100 British customers on the waiting list who have paid a £5,000 deposit.