News: McLaren P1 embarrassed by BAC Mono at Silverstone (video)

Goliath, meet David

MacLaren vs Bac Mono

ONE COSTS around £1m and is the last word in hypercars; the other costs £110,000 and is powered by a four-cylinder Ford engine, such as you’d find in a Mondeo.

But can the driver of the McLaren P1 shake off the pesky upstart in the BAC Mono?

Actually, Oliver James Webb, at the wheel of the Mono, is an experienced racing driver and judging by the space he’s giving his rival on the Silverstone circuit, he’s in no mood to embarrass him. Or maybe he’s just running scared of the P1 driver’s unorthodox racing lines.

Still, the encounter proves just what an agile tiddler the Mono is. With a kerbweight of just 540kg and a Cosworth-tuned engine producing 280bhp, it serves up 0-62mph in 2.8sec, about the same as the McLaren P1. But all that’s as nothing when the P1 driver opens the taps on the straights and shows just what 903bhp in a car weighing 1,490kg can do. And remember, that’s in road trim…

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