News: Emergency services under fire for taking selfies at crash sites

Police officer tweeted photo of self with fire crew at scene of accident

999 crews crticised for taking selfies at crash scenes

THERE’S A time and a place for a selfie; the scene of a crash isn’t it.

Emergency response crews in Yorkshire have come under fire after posing for selfies – photographs taken of yourself – at a crash site.

A police officer and four firefighters can be seen in the photo, one with a thumbs up gesture, at the scene of a four-vehicle crash on the A171, which runs from Whitby to Scarborough.

The North Yorkshire police officer posted the photo on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #professionalsatwork. Twitter users began voicing their dismay at the emergency crews’ actions calling the photo “crass” and “disrespectful”. The photo was swiftly deleted and the officer in question apologised for her actions.

Thankfully the five people involved in the accident only suffered minor injuries. One victim, Liam Gault, said afterwards, “There are things you don’t do and this is one.”


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