News: DVLA to run-off tax discs on the office printer

Does anyone know how to work this thing?

Tax Disc

YOU’D HAVE your collar felt for displaying a tax disc run off your office printer but that’s exactly what the DVLA is doing as it prepares to abolish the little circle of compliance next month.

Drivers who apply for their tax disc using the agency’s online service will be sent one printed in its offices on ordinary paper, rather than on the thicker traditional paper. Worse, its disc won’t have the perforated edge that enabled drivers to tear it out easily. Instead, they’ll have to carefully cut it out using scissors.

Post Offices will continue to issue tax discs printed on the official, perforated paper.

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A spokesman for the DVLA said its own discs would look exactly like those printed on the traditional paper. It explained it had chosen to print them in its offices, rather than relying on its supplier, to save money as it runs down stocks of the official ones .

“Tax discs can be expensive to produce and we have always planned to run down stocks in the run up to 1 October,” the spokesman said. “To make sure we deliver the best possible savings to the taxpayer, we have not procured more stock for these last few weeks, and will instead print the remaining discs in house.”

The news comes in the wake of a survey that found almost half of drivers were unaware of the withdrawal of the paper tax disc on October 1.