News: Chinese police force inconsiderate drivers to stare at their car’s lights on main beam

Trial by light


ANYONE WHO has had to endure the glare of an oncoming car’s lights on main beam may consider China’s latest motoring punishment rough justice.

Motorists who drive without dipping their headlights for oncoming cars, or when following other cars, are being forced to stare into the lights for up to a minute.

Police, who will apply the new rule in the city of Shenzhen, say it is necessary to reduce the number of accidents caused by motorists failing to dip their lights at night.

In addition to staring into the lights, the drivers must pay a £30 fine. Anyone who refuses trial by light faces having their car confiscated and their driving licence taken from them.

A police spokesman said: “Anybody caught with full beam on is asked to stare at the headlights to see what it is like. A short time is enough to give people an idea of what the other driver is seeing, and to make them more considerate in the future.”

The spokesman said the police did not intend to damage drivers’ eyes but eye experts warn against staring into a bright light for too long.

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