News: Car beats shed in survey of men’s favourite escapes

Just going to the car – I may be some time


THE CAR is more popular than the shed as a place where men like to spend time, according to a survey.

The research, by Just For Men, found that men ranked the car sixth in their top 10 “man time” refuges, while the garage came seventh, making both more popular than spending time at a friend’s house.

The shed, commonly regarded as the most preferred bolt-hole of all, came tenth.

The most popular place to escape was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the pub.

Just for Men’s top 10 places where “man time” is spent

At the pub
In the garden
In the bedroom
In the office
In the car
In the garage
At a friend’s house
In the bathroom
In the shed

The survey did not reveal what men like to do in the sanctuary of their car, so Driving offers the following suggestions:

10 things to do in a car (before setting off)

Dust the dashboard
Check for nasal hairs in the rear view mirror
Discover lost change
Unstick boiled sweet from carpet
Clean headlining
Check meaning of warning lights in handbook
Remove passenger and pet hairs from seats
Explore maximum rake angle of driver’s seat
Adjust wing mirrors to provide good rearward observation
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