News: Bentley's new SUV to go on display at Frankfurt (updated)

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News: Bentley reveal its first SUV will be on display at Geneva Motor Show
An artist’s impression of Bentley’s SUV, which has recently undergone hot-weather testing in Dubai 

THE FIRST Bentley SUV is expected to be launched at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

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The luxury mudplugger will feature a limousine-style interior and a range of powerful engines that will give it sprightly on-road performance as well as off-road grunt.

Bentley will be hoping for a better reception than when it unveiled a concept SUV three years ago that was laughed off the Geneva show stand by motoring writers because it was so ugly.

Built partly to meet demand from wealthy buyers who like to be chauffeured at a lofty height, the Bentley off-roader recently completed hot-weather testing in Dubai, surviving 45C heat as it climbed the 65% gradient of the Big Red dune.

Rolls-Royce said it would decide this year whether to produce a rival of its own.


Note: an earlier version of this story stated that the Bentley SUV would be shown at the Geneva motor show in March.