News: Bear destroys hunter’s Ford Focus in “revenge” for being shot (video)

Shoots, eats and leaves

Mondeo attacked by bear

A BEAR is believed to have got its own back on a hunter who shot and wounded it – by returning later and destroying his car.

The bear was shot in Khanty-Mansi forest in Siberia. It fled for cover and the hunter, an unnamed man from Okrug, Siberia, and his two friends returned to their cabin for the night.

On waking the next day they were shocked to find that the bear had ripped the hunter’s Ford Focus saloon apart, but left his friends’ cars alone.

On the video they took, one of the men can be heard saying to the avenged hunter: “That must have been a busy night for the bear. He worked hard. You must have had something sweet inside.”

“No I didn’t,” his shocked friend replies.