News: Abandoned BMW left so long it begins to grow grass

Forlawn since last October

News: Abandoned BMW grows grass

JASON BOURNE, reclaim your car: we know you have amnesia, but if you are looking for a black BMW 3-series, you can find it outside the Albion Inn in Chester.

The car, apparently abandoned by its owner, has been parked for so long that grass has started growing through the bonnet, prompting speculation about why it has been left. One theory is that there is contraband, or perhaps a body, in the boot.

News: Abandoned BMW begins to grow grass

The 3-series was deposited beneath the historic city walls opposite Albion Place in October last year, and its windscreen has since been adorned with at least three parking tickets.

The local council said that because the car was taxed and insured and had an MoT, it had a duty to try to locate the owner before allowing it to be towed away for possible crushing. The owner — rogue CIA operative or not — has seven days to reclaim the car before it is finally sent to the great car park in the sky.


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