2019 Renault Clio: interior, tech and release date

Has Renault done enough to topple the Ford Fiesta?

NOW IN its fifth generation, the Renault Clio is set to take on likes of the Ford Fiesta as it vies to become the UK’s most popular new supermini.


What is the 2019 Renault Clio

The Clio is Renault’s long-running contender in the incredibly competitive supermini segment. Despite being one of Renault’s most popular new models globally (approx. 365,000 were sold in Europe last year alone), the outgoing Clio wasn’t that big a hit in the UK when compared to the likes of the Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo.

To win over some more British buyers, Renault has lavished the Clio Mk 5 with a much fresher interior, more customisation options and improved practicality.


What engines will the Renault Clio have?

Unusually, Renault hasn’t said anything about what the new Clio’s engine range will be. It’s expected, however, that the current car’s range of petrol and diesel engines will be carried over mostly as is.

Though not confirmed by Renault yet, a Renaultsport hot hatch version of the new Clio is almost certainly on the way, though probably won’t go on sale until late 2020 at the earliest.


Will there be a hybrid version?

Renault’s been more open about the all-new Clio’s hybrid options, having already confirmed the compact hatchback will be available with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. However, it’s unclear if these hybrid options will be available when the new Renault Clio goes on sale.


What tech does the Renault Clio have?

As well as boosting the build quality, Renault has also fitted the Clio’s cabin with some impressive new gadgets. Perhaps the highlight are the new interfaces: complementing the 9.3-inch touchscreen on the centre console is a fully digital instrument binnacle, which in its largest 10-inch guise includes a built-in sat-nav display.

Renault is also proud of the Bose stereo system that’s available in the new Clio, though not perhaps for the reasons you may expect. According to the French car maker, the unit has been designed to “not encroach on boot volume”; allowing the Clio to have an impressive 391-litre boot (far larger than the Ford Fiesta’s 292-litre capacity, and not far off the 405-litre boot in the Clio’s bigger brother, the Renault Mégane)

Wireless phone charging will also be available on the Renault Clio, though it’s not clear if it’s standard equipment or an optional extra.


When will the Renault Clio go on sale?

At time of writing, Renault hasn’t said when the new Clio will go on sale in the UK. We’re anticipating the supermini to arrive in showrooms before the end of the year.


How much will the Renault Clio cost?

Prices for the new Renault Clio will be revealed closer to launch, though it’s expected they’ll be marginally higher than what they are now. For reference, the current Renault Clio has a starting price of £13,615, and goes up to £16,365 for the range-topping “GT-Line” version.


What are the Renault Clio’s rivals?

The new Renault Clio will have its work cut-out when it arrives in the UK. As well as going up against the best-selling Ford Fiesta, the Clio will also face competition from the Peugeot 208, Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza, to name but a few — as well as a brand-new version of the Vauxhall Corsa.