New book shows how to build a Morgan sports car

How magic is made in Malvern

Morgan factory 1

YOU MIGHT think it would take months to build a high-end car such as a Morgan. But a well-drilled team of men and women has got the production time down to just 17 days.

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A new book, Making a Morgan — 17 Days of Craftsmanship: Step-by-Step from Specification Sheet to Finished Car, chronicles the creation of a Morgan Plus 4 by the highly skilled craftsmen in the company’s Malvern factory.

Morgan factory 2

The car may be the titular subject of the book but the workers are its heart. The authors spent every day at the factory, following the technicians and apprentices, some of them second or third-generation Morgan employees, as they assembled the Plus 4, largely by hand.

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The book, written by a husband-and-wife team, Andreas and Dagmar Hensing, contains around 380 photos showing in detail how the car was put together.

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In 1990, on his television show Troubleshooter, the former ICI boss Sir John Harvey-Jones advised Morgan to ditch its traditional manual production processes and embrace new materials and technology. Making a Morgan shows just what the company thought of his suggestion.

Making a Morgan, by Andreas and Dagmar Hensing (published by Veloce)

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