Migrant found hiding underneath motorhome for four days

Migrant clung to underside of motorhome for four days

"I can't believe how we got through border control"

A SUDANESE migrant managed to endure an arduous 350-mile journey into the UK from France, after clinging to the underside of a British motorhome.

The man was discovered by the family that owns the campervan after they returned from holiday abroad.

It was later determined he had stowed away under the vehicle for four days, with the 17-year-old Sudanese man somehow managing to squeeze himself into a tiny cavity just above the rear axle for the duration of the journey, despite being 6ft tall.

“I can’t believe how we got through border control”

Speaking after the migrant had been taken away by immigration authorities, the motorhome owner Lisa Patterson said: “We just went indoors to rest as we had been driving for four hours and I saw him walking down my drive. I was just stunned.

“He was a really nice person from the English he spoke. I asked him to show me where he had been and he went back under and showed me, he had been balancing across the back axle.”

migrant arrived in britain by clinging to underside of family motorhome

She added: I did feel sorry for him, he was totally lost. I can’t believe how we got through border control.”

As stated by a Home Office spokesperson: “A male who claimed to be from Sudan was arrested. He was age-assessed as a minor and passed into the care of social services. His case will be progressed in accordance with immigration rules.”