Meet the new bullet-proof ‘Robocop’ mobile speed camera

Meet the new bulletproof ‘Robocop’ mobile speed camera

Wireless device can be set up anywhere in just 30 minutes

Meet the new bullet-proof ‘Robocop’ mobile speed camera

WITH BULLETPROOF armour plating, enough battery power for five days and wireless connection to the cloud, it’s been called the Robocop of speed cameras. Few drivers will be smiling and saying cheese for the Enforcement Trailer, which is said to catch up to 2,500 people a day, the moment they break the speed limit.

This new generation of stealthy speed camera apparently works anywhere, running on rechargeable batteries and sending encrypted information to operators over mobile phone networks. It is towed to a suitable location by any light vehicle and can then be precisely positioned remotely with built-in electric motors that drive the wheels.

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The wheels then retract, as a defence against vandalism, into the armour-plated bulletproof and fireproof housing. An alarm to alert operators to damage is the final line of defence.

Manufactured by Vitronic, a German company, which recently won an order from the French government for 250 units, the Enforcement Trailers can police fixed local speed limits and variable limits across four lanes, as well as monitoring bus lanes. The camera faces oncoming vehicles and can capture an image of an offending driver’s face.

Vitronic says the unit can be set up and operational in just 30 minutes, as it does not rely on any infrastructure. The company has not revealed whether the Enforcement Trailer has type approval for use in the UK, or whether it has received orders from any safety camera partnerships in Britain.