Mazda reveals two lightweight 'vintage' MX-5 concepts

One's called Speedster; the other's called Spyder

MX 5 conceptsTWO NEW lightweight concepts based on the Mazda MX-5 have been revealed at an aftermarket trade show in Las Vegas.

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The two models, called the Spyder and Speedster, are, says the car maker’s North America distributor, which created them, inspired by “vintage roadsters”.

The Spyder features a bikini top (a soft top without a fixed rear window), a silver finish, a carbon-fibre aero kit and grille intake, lightweight 17in alloy wheels and a full leather interior. All this and it manages to weigh around 50kg less than the standard car.

The Speedster is lighter still, thanks largely to the fact that it has no windscreen. In its place is a simple wind deflector. The standard steel doors have been replaced with ones made of carbon fibre, and the seats are of the same material. Even more weight has been saved with the use of custom-made, lightweight alloy wheels. The Speedster is around 150kg lighter than the standard car. It’s also 30mm lower, because of its adjustable coilover suspension.

Unfortunately, if you want to see both cars in the metal, you’ll have to go to Las Vegas, where they’re on display at the annual SEMA show until November 6.