Man clings to bonnet of car going at 70mph

Man clings to bonnet of car going at 70mph

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A MAN was spotted riding on the bonnet of a car driving down Miami, Florida’s I-95 freeway at 70mph — and appeared to be talking into a mobile phone.

Fellow driver Dan Midah filmed the bizarre incident (remember: holding a mobile phone while driving is an offence in the UK) and posted it on Twitter with the caption: “When she says she’s done with you but you’re not really done with her.”

Midah, 19, said that the man on the bonnet was somehow hanging onto the Mercedes-Benz C-class with one hand and appeared to be talking on the phone with his other hand.

He said he thought “they were definitely talking to each other” on the phone and that they were a couple.

“It was literally crazy,” Midah told the Miami New Times. “The guy was looking left and right, [with] a phone in one hand. It didn’t look like he was alarmed or fazed by anything. He was chilling, like nothing was weird.”

A 43-second video of the incident had been viewed more than 1.3m times online.

Joe Sanchez, a Florida Highway Patrol spokesman, confirmed that the agency is aware of the footage and that both the man on the hood and the driver will be cited for a moving violation if they are identified. Sanchez also said the driver could also face reckless driving charges.

Asked about the footage, Sanchez told the New York Post: “I can’t believe the guy is on the hood of that car, holding on for his dear life.” It could’ve ended tragically.”