Kia to unveil KCD12 SUV concept car at Detroit motor show

But it's too big for us Brits

Kia Large SUV concept set for Detroit

Kia will show a new, large SUV at the 2016 Detroit motor show next week but don’t hold your breath; the production version is unlikely to come to the UK.

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Known inside the company as the KCD12 the new car is likely to replace the current, and more inspiringly named, Mohave SUV, on sale in the US.

Kia’s official teaser picture suggests it will look broad and muscular, an impression heightened by the generously proportioned front and rear wheelarches. However, it will look quite sporty, too, thanks to a set-back look created by the long bonnet and a gently sloping roofline that terminates with a short spoiler before falling abruptly away at the tailgate.

Kia UK’s official line is that “decisions on which markets may receive a future production version will be made in due course” but a spokesperson told Driving that with less demand for big 4x4s on this side of the Atlantic, it’s unlikely to hit showrooms over here.

However, likely to set tongues wagging on the Detroit show floor is what Kia describes as the new car’s “state-of-the-art health-and-wellness technology”. Exactly what this means will become clearer at the show but systems such as Mercedes’ Attention Assist, which warns the driver of fatigue, already exist on many cars, so it should take the technology into new, more intriguing areas.


Meanwhile, away from Detroit, Kia has another new SUV up its sleeve – and this one is coming to our shores. The fourth-generation Sportage goes on sale next month with an all-new look and interior, and new engines.

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