Roborace chief on prepping for Goodwood autonomous run and a new kind of race series (video)

Fascinating aim is to unite human and AI racing drivers as teammates in a single series

AHEAD OF the Robocar’s world-first autonomous run at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, interviewed Rod Chong, Roborace’s Deputy CEO, on how the tech pioneers had prepared for their driverless car’s historic run up the hill.

Chong also gave us some details about how the Robocar works and how it can improve road safety, and told us about Roborace’s plan to create an international race series that unites human racing drivers with artificially-intelligent ones as teammates.

With a goal of launching the series next year, Chong is certainly not short of ambition — we’d be amazed if it actually launched within the next 12 months, given that introducing a human element would complicate matters even further.

If they pull it off, though, it could be one of the most fascinating racing series ever.