Gallery: tea for two served in Maybach 'Ultimate Luxury' SUV

Is a tea pot a crackpot idea?

WHEN IT comes to gaining a glimpse of how the other half live, onlookers can often be left with the impression that money can’t buy taste. Now we can add to that that money can’t buy common sense, either.

In the new super-luxury SUV from Maybach, the star attraction is tea for two. The ‘Ultimate Luxury’ SUV, as it’s modestly named, comes with a bone china tea set for the wealthy to enjoy. But the company doesn’t explain how practical it will be to pour scalding-hot Dong Ding tea on a bumpy city street, or what happens as VIP passengers sip Lapsang Souchon and the car’s autonomous emergency braking system kicks in.

Admittedly, for buyers of a Maybach, whose cars cost from more than £172,000, such practical matters are unlikely to be of concern to captains of industry, techpreneurs and hedge fund giants.

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Which is why the Vision Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV comes with only two seats in the back, white leather lounge seats, ebony wood trim and, of course, that bone china tea set.

The new model made its debut at the Beijing motor show, in China. For all the details of one of the world’s most extravagant cars, click through the slideshow, above.