Four Russians try to cross bridge dressed up as a bus

An artful attempt to defy a pedestrian ban

FOUR RUSSIANS made an unconventional attempt to cross a bridge, by trying to “drive” over it while dressed up to look like a bus.

Caught on video by a passing motorist, the costumed quartet was stopped by a security guard on Vladivostok’s Zolotoy Bridge, and escorted off the way they came.

Unlike the stern security staff, the user who filmed the cardboard bus crew found the incident to be hilarious. According to the Sun, she went as far as to call the stunt “beautiful” and “artistic”.

It’s suspected the cardboard bus was intended to be a creative workaround to the Zolotoy Bridge’s pedestrian ban. Though road vehicles and pedestrians were allowed on the bridge when it opened in 2012, all foot traffic was forbidden from the bridge in 2015 on safety grounds.

Credit: art tra