Dash cam user narrowly escapes overtake-gone-wrong car crash

"An appalling incident of reckless and dangerous driving"

DASH CAM footage shows the shocking moment a reckless road user nearly caused a head-on collision with another car.

In the footage, the driver is confronted by a Volkswagen Golf coming straight at them, on the wrong side of the road, while apparently attempting an overtake. The dangerous manoeuvre was executed around the right side of a keep left sign, before the Golf driver drives around the dash cam user by mounting the pavement.

While a crash was thankfully avoided, the careless conduct of the Golf driver could have put multiple lives at risk, including that of the nine-month old child in the camera car, not to mention any pedestrians that may have been using the pavement.

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Richard Browning, director at Nextbase, which manufactured the dash cam, described the episode as “an appalling incident of reckless and dangerous driving … that should see the driver heavily reprimanded or even removed from our roads”.

He added: “The driver has put others at considerable risk with this brainless manoeuvre in what was a pathetic attempt to shave mere seconds off his journey. It is lucky that no one was hurt.”

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