Police capture car thief being run over by the vehicle he stole

The crook ended up having more than just blame pinned on him

A POLICE car dash cam filmed the moment a thief attempted to flee from the car he had stolen – and get run over by it.

Isaiah Gellatly is shown jumping out of the moving car and running alongside it, before trying to cut in front of the vehicle. According to the Happy Valley Police Department, Gellatly was trying to escape the scene on foot as the car had become uncontrollable after its front tyres were punctured by a spike strip.

The crook ended up with one of his legs pinned underneath the offside front wheel. Police were only able to free Mr Gellatly with the use of a car jack.

After his injures were inspected at the scene, he was taken to a nearby hospital to have his broken leg treated.

Officers planned to immediately arrest Gellatly after he left hospital, on numerous charges including stealing a car, evading the police and breaking traffic laws during the short car chase. He may also be charged for additional thefts, as the Happy Valley PD found inside the black saloon car an array of items that has been stolen in separate incidents.

This also isn’t the first time Mr Gellatly has been found behind the wheel of a stolen car. In 2016, he was arrested by police in Oregon after robbing a Honda Civic from a nearby bar.

Credit: Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department via Storyful