'Bulls***!': Richard Hammond says his 'castle' wasn't burgled after all

'Bulls***!': Richard Hammond says his '£2m castle' wasn't burgled after all

"What is it when there's a burglary where nobody breaks in and nothing is stolen?"

RICHARD Hammond was in the press over the weekend, with stories suggesting his “£2m castle” in Herefordshire was burgled in a “James Bond-style break-in”. Except it wasn’t, according to the Grand Tour presenter himself.

In a video posted to DriveTribe, Hammond said: “I would very much like to thank the press for letting me know this morning that my house has been burgled. Ransacked, even.

“Thing is, I’d never have known because nothing has been taken and nobody has broken in. I know it’s terrifying. Wait a minute, there’s a name for that… What is it when there’s a burglary where nobody breaks in and nothing is stolen?”

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In a classic bit of editing for comic effect, the camera then cuts away before he can complete his the answer to his rhetorical question:

“Oh yeah, it’s ‘bulls…'”

His rant trails off with: “I mean, come on, at least get some of the… I mean, a least a fact…”

It’s not clear where the reports originated but a neighbour was quoted as saying, “If he was burgled they must have used a helicopter to get in and out – as he does. It would have to be a James Bond-style break-in as the place is not easy to get into.”

Several stories describe the building’s “10ft iron gates, a high-tech security system and a protective fort”.

A source told the Telegraph: “It sounds as though these people have tried to break in during the dead of night. It must have really rattled him and his family.”

Except, it didn’t. At all.

Watch the video here.

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