Audi owners are most brand loyal, Renault drivers most likely to switch

Audi owners are most loyal, Renault drivers most likely to switch

Car buying habits of the nation revealed

Audi owners are most brand loyal, Renault drivers most likely to switch

IN THIS age of feedback forms, online customer reviews and Twitter rants, it’s perhaps no surprise that a new study shows the majority of car owners (74%) are dissatisfied with their brand of car. More revealing, though, is which car brands customers want to stick with and which they’d like to dump at the next opportunity., a car search website that also powers the car-buying area of, analysed which makes and models of used cars were viewed after visitors had requested a valuation and part-exchange of their own car using its What’s Mine Worth tool, between January and September 2016.

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Top of the table was Audi, with more than 50% of owners viewing another Audi before inquiring about part-exchanging their existing car. The German car maker was followed in the loyalty league by Ford, Mercedes and BMW. said that, while Mercedes owners were some of the most loyal, 20% searched for a BMW before looking into part-exchanging or selling their current car.

Volkswagen ranked fifth, meaning four of the five car brands commanding the most loyalty were German.

At the other end of the table, Renault drivers were most likely to look at other manufacturers when selling their car, with just 26% searching for another model from the French brand.

Dermot Kelleher, director of marketing & business intelligence at, said: “These results show that consumers have a wide consideration set when looking for their next new car and are prepared to shop around and take the time to research different brands, rather than just stick to what they are used to.”

The car brands loyalty league table

Majority of consumers want to change car brand, says