2020 Tesla Model Y: prices, range, specs and release date (updated)

TESLA’S CORE line-up of ‘S3XY’ models will soon be complete, ehen the car maker launches its new Model Y pure-electric crossover to join the Model 3 mid-size saloon, larger Model S luxury saloon and Model X seven-seat SUV.


What is the Tesla Model Y?

More than a decade after Tesla announced its first wholly-produced car, the Model S saloon, the American brand is introducing its first mid-size crossover, the Model Y.

It’s expected to be a hugely significant new model that could sell in high numbers. According to Tesla founder Elon Musk, the Model Y is expected to outsell the company’s other models combined. And that’s saying something, as Tesla claims it produced more than 365,000 cars in 2019.


How fast is the Tesla Model Y?

Regardless of which Tesla Model Y you go for, it won’t be a slouch. Even the base, rear-wheel drive ‘Long Range’ car is capable of going from 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds, and Tesla reckons the appropriately-named all-wheel drive ‘Performance’ model can do the same sprint in a supercar-esque 3.5 seconds.

Tesla isn’t quoting power figures for the Model Y, though it’s likely the car will use the same battery and electric motor technology that’s used on the Model 3 saloon.


How far can the Tesla Model Y go per charge?

If Tesla’s estimates are realistic, the Model Y should have some of the best ranges of any pure-electric car when it officially goes on sale. Appropriately enough, the Long Range versions can cover the biggest distances between charges: rear-wheel drive cars can apparently travel up to 336 miles, and all-wheel drive Model Ys able to go up to 314 miles.

For reference, the Model Y’s closest rival on sale right now, the Jaguar I-Pace, can be driven up to 292 miles before it needs to be plugged into a charging point, and the upcoming BMW iX3 is claimed to be capable of around 273 miles between charges.

Even the powerful Performance model is capable of longer drives on a single charge; Tesla reckons the range-tipping Model Y version should be able to go up to 298 miles before the battery runs flat. Tesla says it will introduce a Standard Range car with a reduced range of around 230 miles at a later date.

Tesla also says Model Y owners will be able to recharge their car’s battery at a rate of 168 miles in just 15 minutes. It’s likely this will only be possible when using Tesla’s new V3 Supercharger stations, which are now being rolled out across the UK. It’s worth noting that the Model 3 is the first Tesla to come with a type of charger connection called CCS, which is a universal standard used by other car makers and found in many rapid charging location; we expect the Model Y will follow suit. CCS isn’t as quick as the Tesla Superchargers at present, but it does open up many more charging points while on a long trip.


What tech will the Tesla Model Y have?

The Tesla Model Y will have a good amount of equipment as standard, with all versions of the car coming with front and rear heated seats, built-in sat nav with real time traffic updates and a huge 15in centre console touchscreen out of the box. Over-the-air updates will also be supported, allowing Tesla to add new features to the Model Y when the car is connected to the Internet.

In an unusual move for a car of this size, the Tesla Model Y will be available with an optional third row of seats. At time of writing, it’s unknown how much cargo space will be lost when all seven seats are in place; the five-seater  has a claimed 1,868 litre cargo capacity.


When will the Tesla Model Y go on sale?

A UK release date hasn’t been revealed yet but Tesla says deliveries of Performance and Long Range Model Ys will begin in the USA in late 2020. The first Standard Range cars are expected to be in customers’ hands by spring 2021.


How much will the Tesla Model Y cost?

UK prices will be revealed closer to launch. In the USA, the Long Range Tesla Model Y will start at around $47,000 (around £36,000), and rise to $60,000 (around £46,000) for the range-topping Performance version.

The Standard Range car is listed with a starting price of $39,000 (around £30,000), though it’s unclear if Tesla has plans to bring this Model Y version to the UK, as it currently isn’t listed as one of the available specs for the car.


What are the Tesla Model Y’s rivals?

The Tesla Model Y’s nearest rival at the moment is the pure-electric Jaguar I-Pace. When the Model Y eventually arrives in UK showrooms, it will likely also face stiff competition from cars such as the Audi Q4 e-tron, the BMW iX3 and the pure-electric-only next generation Porsche Macan.

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