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X260 2018 Jaguar XF review by Will Dron for

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Nine exciting cars coming in 2022

We choose nine of the most exciting cars of 2022, from city crossovers to sports GTs and everything in between.
X260 2018 Jaguar XF review by Will Dron for

Jaguar XF review (2015-on)

In the face of surging SUV sales, the Jaguar XF continues to deliver a compelling mix of comfort and driving kicks.
2016 Jaguar XF S review by Dom Joly for Sunday Times Driving

The Dom Joly Review: 2016 Jaguar XF S

I really shouldn’t like Jaguars. I mean, what’s with that name for a start? You might as well call your car Le Tigre or Sexy Lady...
2015 Jaguar XF review by Gavin Conway for Sunday Times Driving

2015 Jaguar XF review

Designed to take on luxury German cars, Jaguar’s latest XF certainly has a meaner look but what is it like when prowling some fast, twisting tarmac?...
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