The cloth on my car's A-pillars is coming away. How can I return my car to its former glory on a budget?

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Q. The cloth on the A-pillars of my otherwise immaculate W-reg Volvo S80 SE is lifting off the plastic trim beneath. Volvo replacements cost £200-plus for each trim. How can I return my car to its former glory on a budget? GI, Duffield, Derbyshire

A. It is worth phoning around breakers’ yards to see if one can supply good second-hand trims at a reasonable price. It might take a while, though, as the S80 was never a common sight on British roads.

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However, Woolies (, an interior trim expert, believes it is possible to reattach the original material, as long as you first remove it with care. The trick is to use an aerosol-spray glue, which will give a more even and delicate coverage than anything that comes out of a tube.

Woolies sells a heat-resistant adhesive (part 376) that is typically used for headlinings of similar composition to your A-pillar material. It costs £8.17 plus £9 for carriage (the delivery cost is high because of the safety rules that govern the posting of aerosols).

Spray the trims sparingly with the glue, leave for about a minute and then carefully reapply the cloth.

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