Lower your electricity and gas bills with Switchcraft and you could save money every year

Save £219 per year on energy bills — enough for an extra 2,013 miles of petrol

Lower your gas and electric costs and have more money for motoring!

AS MORE Brits switch on to the electric car revolution, finding the best deal on household electricity supply is more important than ever. But of course, everyone can benefit from cheaper utility bills, no matter what car they drive.

To keep on top of gas and electric price rises, experts advise that you regularly look at switching plan or provider.

Doing so could save you £219 every year; enough to buy 183 litres of petrol, which, in a 50mpg car, means a staggering 2,013 miles of extra driving.

Yet hunting down the best tariffs can be a time-consuming process, and many people don’t do it at all. Earlier this year, Ofgem revealed that more than a third of UK households — 9m in total — didn’t change gas or electricity providers between 2012 and 2017.

That’s why automatic energy-switching service Switchcraft is here to help consumers find a quick and easy route to lowering bills.

The company says that by signing up once, users will never again worry that they’re losing money with the wrong energy supplier, and that customers save on average £219 per year using Switchcraft.

That’s because once signed up, the service will continually find its users the best plan. If there’s a better deal for you, Switchcraft will automatically switch you; with the promise of easy cancellation if you’re unhappy.

By signing up once, customers will never again worry that they’re losing money with the wrong energy supplier

That should mean both time and money saved, and is a smart solution to the current obstacles many see when looking to switch.

The service has a large range of suppliers. While the likes of EDF, British Gas and Scottish Power (the Big 6) are all available, so are many smaller providers.

Switchcraft also searches the plans of providers making use of renewable energy.

Perhaps most importantly though, Switchcraft’s sign-up process is quick and free. And you can easily cancel at any time if you wish.

So anyone looking to switch and lower their bills won’t have to spend much time (or any money) in order to save.

Find out today how much you could save — head over to Switchcraft by clicking here.