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First Drive review: Honda Jazz (2015)

The exterior may not immediately inspire amorous feelings but Honda’s bestseller is apparently the ultimate passion wagon.

First Drive review: Lotus Evora 400 (2015)

The Lotus Evora, looking like an upscaled Elise, arrived in 2009. Now it has been reworked into the Evora 400, a car that pulls off the same trick as the Lotus Esprit: a supercar, but at half...

First Drive review: Volkswagen Passat GTE

The popularity of plug-in hybrids is set to explode. Volkswagen reckons that sales will mushroom four-fold by 2018, to a staggering 893,000 per year....

The Clarkson review: Jaguar XE (2015)

No one has yet said to me: “I’m thinking of buying a new Jaguar. What do you reckon?” People ask me about BMWs and Mercedes and Range Rovers all the time, but Jags? No...

First Drive review: Audi R8 V10 Plus (2016)

The moment you’re handed the keys to the V10-powered 2016 R8, there’s only one question that comes into your head: will it be better than the Lamborghini Huracan?

Range Rover LWB Hybrid review (2015)

The Range Rover is not a car noted for its environmental credentials. You may remember that ten years ago, Greenpeace branded the forecourts

First Drive review: Volkswagen Sharan (2016)

For drivers of a certain age, owning a vehicle that can comfortably transport six hyperactive children high on sweets and cakes back home from a birthday party is more pleasurable

First Drive review: DS 5 (2015)

Paris in the springtime and in the Jardin des Tuileries, in the biggest marquee this side of Kim Kardashian’s wedding