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First Drive review: 2015 Peugeot 308 GTi 270

Peugeot used to make some of the best hot hatchbacks around. Cars that were laugh-out-loud fun – machines such as the 205 GTI, which charmed not just car nuts but anyone who loved the feel of a fast,

Dom Joly reviews Mitshubishi Shogun SG4

‘We’re getting you a Porsche to review . . .” The Sunday Times email cheered me up a bit on a wet and windy day down in the deepest, darkest Cotswolds

First drive review: Mini Clubman (2015)

The last Mini Clubman was a self-conscious, wannabe hipster that tried too hard to be different. Unlike a VW Golf or Ford Focus, it had a solitary rear passenger door

First Drive review: BMW X1 (2015)

When the original X1 was launched, in 2009, BMW had an ugly duckling on its hands. A mishmash of hatchback and SUV, the car looked so gawky that mums…

First Drive review: Audi A4 (2015)

Strange to think, but there was a time before the Audi A4. Just imagine: a time when the world had yet to know the complex pleasures

Ford Galaxy Mk 3 review (2015)

There comes a moment for every family when a line must be drawn in the sand; the squabbling can go on no longer: it’s time to buy a bigger car.

First Drive review: Lexus RX 450h (2015)

Lexus has been trying to change its image. No longer content with selling reliable cars to gentlemen and gentlewomen of retirement age who hold honorary positions at their local golf club ...

BMW 2-series Gran Tourer review (2015)

People carriers are a bit like the family kitchen. Generally, they lead a tough life, get knocked about, could do with a good clean and have such a dizzying array of

Vauxhall Viva review (2015)

Is it possible to write a review of the new Vauxhall Viva without mentioning the original Viva, which was built between 1963 and 1979? In reality, the two cars have very little in common...

First Drive review: Jaguar XF (2015)

Designed to take on luxury German cars, Jaguar’s latest XF certainly has a meaner look but what is it like when prowling some fast, twisting tarmac?

First Drive review: Vuhl 05 (2015)

The Vuhl 05 is in the vanguard of what wags are calling a Mexican wave of sports cars arriving in the UK. They have already gained notoriety, thanks to...