Skoda Enyaq 85x Coupé 2024 review: Less range anxiety than ever – even in the desert

Skoda has updated its electric Enyaq for 2024 with more power and a longer driving range; Dave Humphreys puts it to the test… in the Sahara.
Skoda Enyaq iV vRS

Skoda Enyaq iV vRS 2023 review

Skoda has already launched the high-performance Enyaq vRS in sleek Coupe form, but the more practical SUV version is hot on its heels.
2022 Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV vRS

Skoda Enyaq Coupé iV vRS 2022 review

The whole idea of a coupé-SUV is, to be honest, a bit daft. Where does that leave the new Skoda Enyaq Coupé iV vRS then?

Skoda Enyaq Coupé vRS coming to UK

Skoda has announced that UK orders will soon open for its upcoming Enyaq Coupé iV model, the sloped-roof version of the company's electric SUV.
Skoda Enyaq iV 2021 review by Will Dron for Sunday Times

Skoda Enyaq iV 2021 review

Just how important is the Skoda Enyaq? “This is probably the most important car in our 126-year history,” says the PR man.
Skoda Enyaq pure EV on sale in 2021

Skoda Enyaq pure EV on sale in 2021

Skoda has released teaser sketches of its upcoming Enyaq pure-electric EV, which will be unveiled in virtually production form in September.