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2016 VW Polo Mk5 review

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2018 Volkswagen Polo review road test by Richard Porter (Sniff Petrol and The Grand Tour)

The Richard Porter Review: 2018 Volkswagen Polo

What if you fancy a Golf but don’t need a car that size? That’s where the Polo comes in. It’s the Golf you can drive between meals without...
2016 VW Polo Mk5 review

Volkswagen Polo Mk5 review (2014-on)

The Volkswagen Polo is the Stella Artois of the car world. Reassuringly expensive, it’s everything that Volkswagen does best, but in miniature.
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

First Drive review: Volkswagen Polo GTI (2014)

The new souped-up Polo may seem to be wearing its older sibling's clothes, but it emerges from the shadow of the Golf with a character all its own...
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