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Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam review

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Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam review

First Drive review: Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam (2015)

Despite its sporty looks, Vauxhall’s Adam Grand Slam lacks the attitude and inclination to tear up the neighbourhood, says Giles Smith
Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air review

First drive review: Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air 1.0T (2014)

When Vauxhall gave us the Adam earlier this year it was clearly sent to jostle for urban space with the Fiat 500, the Citroën DS3 and all those other...
Vauxhall Adam Slam Clarkson review

The Clarkson review: Vauxhall Adam Slam (2013)

This morning a man in a chunky-neck jumper and corduroy trousers is sitting down to his plate of kippers, blissfully unaware that he’s the last...
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