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Ford Fiestas are one of the most common cars on British roads, and for good reason. The  stylish-but-everyman design, class-leading handling and perceived value for money are attractive to any demographic, whether a young driver or someone who’s been on the road for decades. Young professionals in particular would do well to elect for this model, with the simplicity and reliability of a Fiesta proving a tried and tested success. As a staple of the top three best-selling cars list since its inception in 1976, this fun but practical supermini offers buyers a wide range of options when it comes to trim, engine choice and tech options. As a compact, fun everyday runabout, there are few choices better than the Ford Fiesta.

<h3>Ford Fiesta history</h3> <p>The Fiesta was launched in the UK in January 1977 and has since passed through seven generations. It was popular from the start in the face of tough competition that included the Vauxhall Chevette, VW Polo and, some four years later, the Austin Metro.</p> <p>Competitive special editions and successive XR2 and now ST hot-hatch versions kept it high in the sales charts, with the result that for many of its years it has led the UK small car segment in terms of sales. It has been Britain’s best-selling car every year since 2009, when it overtook the Ford Focus.</p> <p><strong>Fiesta generations</strong></p> <ul> <li>Mk1 1976-1983</li> <li>Mk2 1983-1989</li> <li>Mk3 1989-1995</li> <li>Mk4 1995-2002</li> <li>Mk5 2002-2008</li> <li>Mk6 2008-2017</li> <li>Mk7 2017-on</li> </ul> <p><em>N.b. Some online sources state that the 2017 model is the eighth generation but the above data is from Ford GB itself, which considers the 2013 update, when EcoBoost was introduced, to be a refresh rather than an all-new model.</em></p> <h3>Ford Fiesta is suitable for</h3> <ul> <li>First-time drivers</li> <li>Empty nesters</li> <li>City dwellers</li> <li>Those who like a fun driving experience</li> </ul> <h3>Ford Fiesta rivals</h3> <ul> <li>Citröen C3</li> <li>Toyota Yaris</li> <li>Mazda 2</li> <li>Kia Rio</li> <li>Suzuki Swift</li> <li>Renault Clio</li> <li>Nissan Micra</li> <li>Seat Ibiza</li> <li>Mini One</li> </ul>

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