The death of door mirrors: Audi e-tron has cameras

German car giant Audi has signalled the death of door mirrors, after revealing that its new e-tron electric car will be available with video came

BMW's new wireless charging 'GroundPad' (video)

BMW has launched its first wireless charging system, as the German car maker takes steps to make charging an electric car easier than filling a c
Smart 'FlexKerbs' widen and narrow to fit usage by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

Smart 'FlexKerbs' widen and narrow

A new type of city centre pavement that can widen or narrow according to traffic demands at different times of day has been shortlisted for...
Video: watch the crazy tilting wing of the wild Zenvo TSR-S supercar

Video: the crazy tilting wing of wild Zenvo TSR-S

When you are building bespoke supercars and must find your niche amongst Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini, one way to stand out of the crowd is t
Female Uber passenger charged £119 for eight-mile journey after 43-mile round trip while she slept

Female Uber passenger charged £119 for eight miles

An Uber user says she was charged nearly £120 for an eight-mile journey after the driver took her on a 43-mile round trip via another county.
It will be legal to park your car by remote control on UK roads from June

Parking your car by remote control to be legal

New laws will allow drivers to use their car's key fob or smartphone app to remotely park their vehicle on British roads.
Self-steering systems to shut down after one minute if drivers take hands off the wheel

Hands on the wheel: self-steering car rule change

The latest new cars in showrooms are a technology fan’s dream and are seen by the average driver as a way to make the process of driving less...
Video: Ford's new Feel The View tech helps blind car passengers take in a view

Blind passengers Feel the View thanks to Ford

It is all too easy for drivers and their passengers to take the views out of the windows for granted. But for the visually impaired, the passing
Safety training urgently needed for mechanics working on electric and hybrid cars

Electric cars endanger mechanics' lives

The government has said every new car on sale from 2040 to be electric or hybrid but a leading industry body says new laws are needed to protect
Tesla owner filmed in passenger seat using Autopilot says he was

Tesla Autopilot user caught in passenger seat

The owner of a Tesla Model S who was caught on camera using his car’s self-driving Autopilot function while sitting in the passenger seat...
Video: J-Deite Ride car-robot is a real-life Transformer

J-Deite Ride car-robot is a real-life Transformer

Transformers, more than meets the eye. Transformers, robots in disguise." It's a theme tune that millions of people around the world will recogni
Could new NOx emissions tech from Bosch save the diesel engine?

Could NOx emissions tech from Bosch save diesel?

Amid the chaos and confusion over the future of the diesel engine, which led to a 17% fall in UK sales of new diesel-burning motors last year, co