Video: Police officer gives geese right of way on US highway

Video: Policeman shepherds geese across road

A US police officer in Oregon temporarily halted highway traffic, in order to allow dozens of Canadian geese to cross the road.
Ohio driver caught reversing at speed down congested highway

Video: Driver caught reversing at speed on highway

A US driver narrowly avoided having a major accident, after reversing at speed along a busy stretch of the US Route 33 highway in Ohio.
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News: Lexus may take on Mini with LF-SA small car

Small cars are big business. Of the 10 bestselling cars in Britain last year four were tiddlers, which no doubt explains why Lexus, Toyota's premium...
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News: Who’s at the wheel, Congress asks GM chief...

THE HEAD of America’s biggest car company was battling to salvage its reputation last week in the face of evidence that it might have been aware...