Apple self-driving cars involved in two recent accidents

Self-driving prototype cars from Apple were involved in road traffic accidents, but it wasn't the technology at fault
Self-driving cars could be worse at detecting people with dark skin, says commission

Self-driving cars at centre of racism row

A car safety expert has said that "there is no reason" that self-driving cars would discriminate between people of different races.
Two dead in self-driving Tesla crash

Two dead in Tesla crash linked to Autopilot

Two people have died in a collision in Texas involving a Tesla Model S equipped with the car maker's Autopilot function.
Apple targets 2024 for passenger car with "next level" battery tech

Apple targets 2024 for electric car

Apple will launch its long-talked-about electric car by 2024, according to new reports.
Amazon-owned Zoox unveils self-driving taxi

Amazon-owned Zoox unveils self-driving 'Robotaxi'

Zoox, the autonomous taxi company owned by online marketplace Amazon, has unveiled its self-driving vehicle.
Uber sells self-driving business to Silicon Valley startup

Uber sells self-driving business to start-up

Ride-hailing juggernaut Uber has sold its self-driving business to a small Silicon Valley rival.
Self-driving car trials launch in Oxford

Self-driving car trials launch in Oxford

Six Ford Mondeos have taken to the streets of Oxford, kitted out with self-driving tech by an Oxford University-linked company called Oxbotica.
Arizona police release shocking dash cam video of the Uber self-driving car fatal crash

Police release video of self-driving Uber crash

This is the moment a self-driving Uber Volvo XC90 struck Elaine Herzberg as she was pushing her bicycle across the road in Tempe, Arizona.