Father of two killed after crashing garage-built buggy he called ‘Deathkart’

In a sobering tale for anyone with plans for a home-built 'project car, a Virginian man has been killed after crashing a Honda Civic-based buggy.
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Best Christmas gifts for petrolheads 2017

Car enthusiasts come in all shapes, ages and sizes. Some enjoy tinkering with a trusty classic while others are still in short trousers...
project cars 2 review: Le Mans

Back on track: Project Cars 2 game review

Not many people would envy the games studios bringing out motor racing titles these days. Expectations are huge, not only in terms of graphics...
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Video: Project Cars gets spooky in Hallowe'en trailer

With Hallowe'en just a few days away, the team behind the racing game Project Cars has released this trailer intended to send shivers down your spine
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Project Cars: the Forza-rivalling video game developed...

Driving is gawping at a luscious video: the camera caresses a Pagani Huayra supercar, captures in crystal clear slow-motion a classic Mercedes DTM...