Me and My Motor: Chris Tarrant

Long before Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? made his face one of the most recognisable on television, Chris Tarrant was the sole resident of an...
Me and My Motor: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia on family cars and beaten-up trucks

Me and My Motor: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia

Before Catatonia became one of the top-selling groups of the 1990s, Cerys Matthews and her bandmates spent many long nights driving home...
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Tesla gives owners free access to Spotify tunes

From this week, all new versions of the Tesla Model S electric car will come loaded with a Spotify Premium account...
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News: Lexus joins forces with for NX launch...

Strawberries and cream, gin and tonic, pop stars and new cars - some matches are made in heaven. There are always exceptions to the rule, though...
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Top 10 driving songs

A new survey by OnePoll of 2,000 drivers has identified the top 10 songs motorists like to hear most at the wheel.
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Top 10 safest songs to drive to

Research suggests that the tempo and volume of a song have a bigger effect on driving than its genre.