Handful of Nissan employees return to Sunderland plant as part of factory restart pilot

Japanese carmaker Nissan has partially restarted its UK operations after the coronavirus pandemic forced a suspension of its production in March.
2019 Nissan Micra Mk 5 review (including new 1.0 IG-T 100 PS engine and N-Sport warm hatch grade) by Will Dron for Sunday Times Driving.co.uk

2019 Nissan Micra review

Nissan is continuing its mission to turn the Micra into the supermini class leader continues with new engines, an automatic and a "warm hatch".

The star cars of the 2016 Paris motor show

Audi, BMW, Citroen, Honda, Land Rover and Mercedes had clearly kept their designers and engineers busy, with new models revealed for
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Reader SOS: Gearbox problems in my 2015 Nissan Micra

We try to answer as many Car Clinic questions as we can but it's simply not possible for our experts to respond to every letter. Now you can help!...
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10 bizarre celebrity motoring endorsements

Ever since Clyde Barrow wrote to Henry Ford, creator of the Model T, congratulating him on the speed and comfort of his Ford V8, car makers have been...
2014 Nissan Micra review

Nissan Micra review (2010-on)

Sorry, Nissan, but the Micra has the distinct aroma of mothballs about it...
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Your motoring problems solved

My Porsche Boxster S sends out blue smoke from the exhaust on start-up and consumes engine oil.