New BMW iX3 electric SUV gets update to bring it in line with refreshed X3

BMW has released images, details and pricing for the updated iX3 electric SUV, set to go on sale in the UK before the start of 2022 from £59,730.
2020 BMW iX3 electric SUV review by Will Dron for Sunday Times

2020 BMW iX3 electric SUV review

BMW now offers the X3 SUV with a pure-electric powertrain. Is it a match for electric rivals from Mercedes, Audi and Volvo?
BMW reveals iX3 electric SUV

BMW iX3 is a pure-electric SUV with 285-mile range

BMW has unveiled the iX3, it’s second fully-electric production car.
The iX3 is powered solely by its battery, which is said to hold more than 70kWh of capacity, and gives the electric car the equivalent of 268bhp

BMW's new iX3 electric SUV takes on Jaguar I-Pace

BMW is ready to send shockwaves through the SUV market, when it launches a new electric SUV to take on Jaguar's I-Pace.