London tops table of middle lane hoggers on motorways

London tops table of middle lane hoggers

Nothing gets drivers grumbling quite like other motorists hogging the middle lane. Now research reveals that drivers should avoid London if they
Undercover police ride bicycles and don Lycra to catch dangerous drivers

Undercover police ride bicycles to catch drivers

Police swapped panda cars for bicycles and uniforms for Lycra to catch motorists who drive dangerously close when overtaking cyclists.
Cyclists stopped by UK police for riding two abreast

Video: cyclists riding abreast stopped by police

A cyclist filmed an encounter with the police after being stopped for riding two abreast, and the footage has led to intense debate over...
Driving advice dealing with an emergency vehicle and avoiding penalty fines

What to do if an emergency vehicle needs to pass

What driver doesn’t want to do their bit and allow an emergency services vehicle to pass? Most will go out of their way to help speed the journey
Reader Letters: Roadster heaven, weaving motorbikes, used car mileage, parking tickets and Flummox FM

Reader Letters: Roadster heaven and Flummox FM

The car that beats the Mazda MX-5 and Fiat 124 Spider, the dangers of filtering, how used cars are like dating apps, a parking problem...
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Letters of the week, July 26

This week: Undertaking feedback, electric car grid impact, and how to be sure to avoid a speeding fine.
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News: Motorist racks up 40 points. . . without ever...

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is calling for action after it discovered that a motorist from Lewisham has racked up 40 penalty points
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Quiz: Highway Code ... is this law or guidance?

We all have the odd memory lapse, but it would appear drivers have a harder time than most remembering things
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News: The Green Cross Code returns updated for the...

The Green Cross Code, etched on the memories of schoolchildren of the 1970s and 1980s, is back for Road Safety Week 2014 – updated for the age of...
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Letters of the week, September 14

The issues that got you talking this week
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Test your motoring knowledge with the

Think you know cars? Try to beat our 25 cunning questions.
How to drive on a motorway

What are the rules for driving on a motorway?

If you’ve ever been stuck behind a dawdler in the middle lane of a motorway or been intimidated by an aggressive driver almost exchanging paintwork...