Toyota’s £240m show of faith in Derby production plant

Toyota’s £240m show of faith in Derbyshire

Toyota is investing £240m to upgrade a plant in Derbyshire in a sign of commitment to the UK post Brexit

Reader Letters: Sat nav blues and diesel dues

"I was amused by Jeremy Clarkson describing the sat nav in the Honda NSX as 'a work of fiction'..."
Car factories boom boosts the economy

Car factories boom boosts the economy

British car production accelerated to its highest level in 17 years in November amid rising domestic and international demand.
EU insurance rule ‘will destroy British motor sport’

EU insurance rule ‘will destroy UK motor sport'

Proposals that could require all vehicles to be insured even if they never leave private land would lead to the demise of motor sports...
Golf carts and dodgems need car insurance, says EU

Golf buggies and dodgems need insurance, says EU

Fairground dodgems and children’s ride-on cars may require motor insurance for the first time under EU laws that the government has to implement.
Clarkson and May give a lift to David Cameron and the “Remain” EU campaign

Clarkson and May give lift to David Cameron and 'remain'...

Jeremy Clarkson and James May have become dab hands at entertaining VIP visitors to their production offices, so when David Cameron dropped in to...
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Mercedes takes aim at ‘toxic’ R1234yf air-conditioning...

Mercedes will fit fire prevention systems under the bonnet of its cars in response to a new European regulation that it claims could endanger drivers’...
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News: Nissan shows how quiet its Leaf is, just as EU...

A week after EU officials decreed that electric cars must make a noise Nissan has released a video demonstrating how impressively quiet its Leaf electric...