Reader Letters: Electric car questions, flat batteries, road tax vigilantes and are parking brakes on automatics necessary?

Reader Letters: Electric car and tax vigilantes

"The government’s plan to ban the sale of pure diesel and petrol cars from 2040 sounds ambitious to me. Will there be sufficient power..."
Car Clinic: Can additives reduce the pollution from a diesel car?

Car Clinic: Can additives reduce diesel pollution?

"Can fuel additives or retrofitted devices make a diesel car less polluting? And will removing biofuel reduce NOx emissions?"
Jeremy Clarkson on Richard Hammond's crash in the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar: Hammond in hospital

Exclusive: Clarkson on Hammond's latest crash

A few years ago Richard Hammond was asked to drive a car down a runway, and somehow he ended up on his head and then in a coma for a few weeks.
Plastic from car tyres pours into ocean

Plastic from car tyres pours into ocean

Clothes washing and driving are a much bigger problem in polluting the world’s oceans than the microbeads that the government plans to ban...

Rail grant cut to put 190,000 trucks on road

British roads could be hit by up to 190,000 extra lorry journeys a year after “penny-pinching” ministers cut £4m of subsidy for rail freight...
Public transport worse than driving for exposure to air pollution

Commuters warned of new air pollution risk

Travelling by public transport exposes commuters to up to eight times as much air pollution as those who drive to work, a groundbreaking study fo
More average speed cameras to cut air pollution deaths

More average speed cameras to cut air pollution

Average speed cameras should be used on A-roads and motorways to reduce air pollution, according to the government’s health advisers.

Video: Formula E tackles Arctic ice cap

The universe has a funny way of keeping itself balanced. Yesterday the rally star and YouTube sensation responsible for...

Driving Green: Homepage

It used to be so simple. When buying a car you’d select the body style you wanted, along with the colour and spec. Of course there was also the...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

News: Lukewarm reception to 'eco-feminist' Top Gear...

Top Gear fans reacted with incredulity yesterday to plans for an alternative...
jeremy clarkson on the environment

Clarkson on: the environment

It's not easy being green... especially with Jeremy Clarkson around. The environment and Clarkson go together as well as a Norwegian Fjord and a...