Intoxicated driver facing court after rolling SUV at a roundabout

Video: Driver rolls SUV while trying to drift

CCTV captured the moment a young driver rolled his SUV while trying to perform a drift at a roundabout near the Gold Coast, Australia.
Drink driving casualties at highest level since 2012

Drink-driving deaths at highest level since 2012

The number of people either killed in drink-driving crashes are at their highest level since 2012, the Department for Transport has estimated.
Student, 20, filmed being dragged from car by police and pulling officer's hair

Student, 20, filmed dragged from car by police

A student was dragged from her car by police after her friend stuck her head through a car sunroof in Arcata, California.
TV star Ant McPartlin arrested on suspicion of drink driving after three-car crash

TV star Ant McPartlin arrested for drink-driving

TV star Ant McPartlin was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving yesterday afternoon after failing a road-side breathalyser test following...

Drink-driver says driveway too long to walk

A wealthy widow facing a ban for drink-driving caused laughter in a courtroom when she claimed that she needed her car as it was too far to walk
Sharp increase in drink-drive casualties

Sharp increase in drink-drive casualties

Ministers are under pressure to cut the drink-drive limit after figures showed that the number of people killed or injured in alcohol-related...
One in six drivers admits being over alcohol limit, RAC figures suggest

One in six admits driving over alcohol limit

Millions of drivers have admitted to getting behind the wheel in the past 12 months despite thinking that they might be over the drink-drink limi
Booze cruise: why it's rarely safe to drive the morning after drinking alcohol

Booze cruise: driving the morning after alcohol

Tis the season to be jolly. But things may not be so jolly for drivers who drive the morning after the night before, without having checked wheth
Tiredness at wheel is like drink-driving, say researchers

Tiredness at wheel is like drink-driving

The motorway signs proclaiming that “Tiredness can kill” are based on the commonsense assumption that drivers could fall asleep at the wheel...
Cut drink-drive limit to less than a pint, urge councils

Cut drink-drive limit to less than a pint

The drink-drive limit in England and Wales should be cut to less than a pint of beer or glass of wine to tackle stubbornly high accident rates...
Budweiser says 'don't be a pillock', offers free Uber rides to Christmas Eve drinkers

Budweiser offers free Uber rides on Christmas Eve

Budweiser is offering a free ride home on Christmas Eve to customers of Uber, the app-based taxi firm, as part of its Get Home Safe campaign...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

None for the road: Drink drive limit may be lowered...

The drink-driving limit may be lowered in England and Wales to make it illegal to drive after one pint of beer or a glass of wine