Illegal e-scooter rider injured after hitting pothole sues council

A woman injured while illegally riding an e-scooter is suing Barnet council in London for £30,000 in a case that could have major implications.
The Duke of Norfolk in the Queen’s funeral procession

Duke of Norfolk gets six-month driving ban

The Duke of Norfolk, the peer responsible for organising the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth, has been handed a six-month driving ban.
Charles James Spencer-Churchill, the 12th Duke of Marlborough

Judge: Duke must hand back Porsche

Charles James Spencer-Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, has been ordered to hand back the keys to his Porsche having failed to keep up payments.
Anti-speeding police commissioner Caroline Henry broke speed limit five times

Anti-speeding champion broke limit five times

Caroline Henry, who vowed to crack down on speeding motorists, was herself caught breaking the speed limit five times in four months.
Uber has London licence restored after lengthy battle

Uber has London licence restored

Uber has had its London operating licence restored, after regulators threatened to ban the service from the city over safety concerns.
VW suffers hit in ongoing dieselgate scandal

VW suffers hit in ongoing dieselgate scandal

Car making giant Volkswagen has been dealt another blow by judges in ongoing action regarding diesel emissions.
Steve Coogan 2018 BAFTA

Steve Coogan swerves driving ban to film TV series

The actor has managed to more than halve his driving ban, after arguing a longer punishment would force him to stop filming a new comedy series.
Jaguar Land Rover wins landmark copyright case in China

Land Rover wins case against Chinese copycats

Jaguar Land Rover has won a major court case, after judges in Beijing decreed a Chinese car maker had ripped-off one of its designs.
Car thief caught after reporting his own car stolen

Car thief caught after his car stolen

A dim-witted car thief from Croydon has been sentenced to eight years in prison, after he reported the theft of his own Porsche.
Essex driver racks up 144 points on his licence

Essex driver racks up 144 points on his licence

A driver from Essex has amassed 144 points on his driving licence, as a result of 24 separate speeding incidents.
David Beckham heading to court for alleged speeding incident

David Beckham going to court for alleged speeding

A court listing has revealed the ex-footballer David Beckham is alleged to have driven 59mph in a 40mph zone on the A40 earlier this year.
Police knew of doubt over drug‑drive tests

Police knew of doubt over drug‑drive tests

Police chiefs were warned last year that a controversial forensics laboratory used a method for analysing blood samples that could be challenged