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The Clarkson review: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible...

Clarkson goes native in the 180mph American dream machine
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News: It’s back to the future as Vauxhall eyes return...

The manufacturer is considering resurrecting the Beatles-era, 1960s badge on a car to go on sale next year.
Chevrolet Camaro (2012-2015)

Chevrolet Camaro review (2012-2015)

Directly evoking the original 1967 Camaro in its styling, the fifth-generation version of this long-running Mustang-basher is reassuringly retro both...
Chevrolet Captiva (2007-2015)

Chevrolet Captiva review (2007-2015)

The Chevrolet Captiva is a seven-seat SUV that's so far below the radar it's almost subterranean - but it's worth a look.
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New York show: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06 convertible

FOR EVIDENCE of how the special relationship lives on between Britain and America, look no further than the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06 convertible...
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News: March registration plate change triggers showroom...

The allure of a shiny new 14-plate model was enough to drive a record number of new car buyers into dealer showrooms, according to figures from the...
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How can I import an American car, or buy one in the...

In the early part of the year, people in the UK get a little itch. It starts in January with the Detroit motor show...
Chevrolet Volt (2011-2014)

Chevrolet Volt review (2011-2014)

The Chevrolet Volt is the most daringly innovative car that General Motors has produced in decades, and a multiple award-winner to boot.
Chevrolet Orlando (2011-2015)

Chevrolet Orlando review (2011-2015)

Think of the Orlando as Chevrolet’s answer to those family haulers that put versatility way ahead of style and driving fun.
Chevrolet Cruze (2008-2015)

Chevrolet Cruze review (2008-2015)

The Cruze is a value alternative to a Ford Focus or a Vauxhall Astra, and model for model its prices are lower despite it being better equipped.
Chevrolet Aveo (2011-2015)

Chevrolet Aveo review (2011-2015)

It may be a Chevrolet, but there is absolutely nothing muscular or even American about the Aveo.

20 years of Clarkson: the five best and worst cars...

We find the cars that Jeremy Clarkson has most enjoyed or hated using, including two weren’t even worth a single star