Noise camera trial to listen out for loud car exhausts

A trial of new acoustic camera technology aiming to clamp down on excessively loud vehicle exhausts is due to begin in Bradford this week.
Security camera hack affects transport companies including Tesla

Tesla named in security camera hack

A hack of more than 150,000 cameras made by security firm Verkada has affected an array of services and companies including Tesla.
The best new car tech reveals at CES 2020

The best car tech reveals at CES 2020

From new advancements in existing tech to wild concept cars, CES 2020 features plenty of interesting motoring ideas.

New cameras clobber phone-using drivers

Cameras that are specifically designed to catch drivers using mobile phones will soon be launched in New South Wales in Australia.
Acoustic cameras UK trials

Acoustic cameras clampdown on illegal noisy cars

Tests have begun of new noise camera technology that is designed to detect vehicles that exceed legal noise limits.
Watch as vandal sets fire to red-light camera

Watch as vandal sets fire to red-light camera

A helmet-wearing vandal has been caught setting fire to a traffic camera in Windsor, a suburb of Melbourne, on April 2.
Products: Action cams from GoPro, TomTom and Garmin reviewed

Products: Action cams tested

Once the preserve of bodacious dudes intent on reducing their life expectancy by leaping off a cliff, the action camera can now be found...
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The roadside surveillance cameras tracking every journey...

Every day you drive your car, the numberplate is likely to be snapped four times, with the hour, the place and your name logged for two years
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Busted: the bus-lane cameras that snare thousands of...

Drive on the wrong side of the line for even a few feet and you could be handed a penalty. Motorists are being caught in record numbers....
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News: Predator PTZ spy car spells new CCTV headache...

A new “super” spy car will be launched this week, targeting misbehaving motorists and pedestrians from hundreds of yards away...
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News: Roadside cameras to spot drivers using mobiles

For 23 years, Gatso has been the scourge of speeding motorists in Britain, with its roadside box cameras enforcing the speed limit...
car wing mirror

Cameras to replace wing and rear-view car mirrors

First it was in-car cassette players, then wind up windows and CD changers. Now wing mirrors are to be sent to the great scrapyard in the sky, killed...